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A very personal post
Downton Abbey- Anna
Yay! I'm back!

So, I've been inactive for a month. I've got some reasons why I have not been posting lately. First, my father had a month vacation here in the Philippines from work abroad. I do not have plenty of time browsing around and using my laptop while he is around. Second, I have a lot of school works to do. It's insane!

Anyway, there are things that bothers me. It includes our financial crisis at the moment. Mother had resigned from her work, and I can see way clearly that she's adopting to her new lifestyle. From busy working mom to a plain housewife. Then, there is her very confusing health condition.

And school. I have a lot of issues regarding on that school. From ridiculous professors to wicked projects. Name it you got it! I have a certain professor that I really don't get. I can not understand anything because they're not teaching it properly.

These things are not really ~serious~ problems. So I do not take them very seriously. Instead, I'm very busy doing things that entertain me. Like watching Downton Abbey and X-Factor USA. These two shows makes my week interesting. The second season of Downton Abbey, as usual, gives me all the feelings. Also X-Factor is very entertaining. And I watch it basically because of Paula and Simon's banter ofc.

Oh, and I am very much eager to watch Christian Bale movies. Just because he is so fine and he's one of my crushes favorite actors. I've made a list so I can easily see which movies am I going to download and watch. And to know which movies I have already seen. Here it is:
  • Newsies
  • Little Women
  • Pocahontas (going to rewatch anytime soon)
  • American Psycho
  • Equilibrium
  • The Machinist
  • Howl's Moving Castle
  • Batman Begins
  • The New World
  • The Prestige
  • The Dark Knight
  • Public Enemies
  • The Fighter
Yes, I am quite serious. I'm going to watch all of them.

And also, why does my icons posted here before had lost their ~quality? I had not been here for weeks, and this! What monstrosity?!

I'm back with more icons
Disney- Thomas&Duchess
Icon Batch #04

30 Disney Icons
       [01-10]   The Hunchback of Notre Dame
       [11-20]   Pocahontas
       [21-30]   The Little Mermaid
55 Period Drama icons
       [01-25]   Downton Abbey episode 2
[26-35]   A Series of Unfortunate Events
       [36-55]   The Tudors Season 1 opening credits
35 Misc Celebrities icons
       [01-10]   William Fichtner
       [11-15]   Anne Hathaway
       [16-20]   Christian Bale
       [21-25]   Felicity Jones
       [26-35]   Emilie de Ravin
15 Variation icons



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William Fichtner1

So I’ve been accepted into the Pottermore world. I have even validated my account through the email they sent me.

When I arrived at home from school, I immediately opened the Pottermore site to check if the clue for today has been posted. Fortunately, the clue is still up. As fast as my Ravenclaw instincts can do, I solved the riddle up and posted my answer accordingly. Like everybody else, I was so confused when the link directed into the Deathly Hallows movie page. I thought I was too late for the registration. But luckily I’ve found out (through great sources) that the quill is hidden among the photo section on the movie page and I clicked on it easily. I registered and a few hours later I’ve got my validation email.

Oh, is FlooRune136 an acceptable username? I had no other choice but to pick along the usernames they had to provide. My idea about those username would be cool wizard names. But I think my username is a bit ok. (-___-)

And lastly, I’m a magical witch! Oh yeah! And I must be sorted in Ravenclaw. That's all. :D

A trip with my friend
One Piece- Robin
So last Saturday, July, 31 2011,  my friend Ella and I went to Mall of Asia to celebrate my birthday (lol what a long celebration). Well, that's the only date when we could spend all day together since our schedule don't meet.

We went there at exactly 9:30 am and got there at almost 11:00. The long journey was due to the traffic around Manila. At first I was having doubts about going there at all since we could go at Alabang Town Center and Fiestival Mall which is much nearer to Laguna. But then I am glad that we did because the place is much beautiful and big.

Well here are the things that we did:

  * Ella bought One Piece Stickers at Comic Alley. I really want to buy that Domo-kun purse, but I didn't.
  * I shop for books at Fully Booked. I bought the first three novels of the Luxe series. Is it great?
  * We had our lunch at Pizza Hut. I paid the bill. I have to thank her for the gift to me by treating her our luncheon.
  * I bought a Trafalgar Law key chain. There are bunch of One Piece stuffs at Toy Kingdom, but it's so damn expensive.
  * Ella helped me to find and shop for a decent school bag/purse while I helped her shop for a bag and a pair of sneakers.
  * She needed a fish food so we searched for a pet shop, but unluckily we didn't find any. Clearly we aren't Hufflepuffs.
  * We had our coffee break and ate the remains of our pizza.
  * Then I searched for a thing to give for my mom when we go back. I bought a dozen of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and I gave Ella half of it.

Of course we had a great time. I am thankful that nothing wrong had happened and we didn't faced any danger. She said that she wanted to go back again sometime. What we're planning right now is to go to Enchanted Kingdom for her birthday this coming December. I am looking forward to that.

Some icons and banners
Period Drama- Queen Victoria
Icon Batch #03

      45 Emma icons
      35 Harry Potter icons {Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets}
      35 LOST icons 1.01 Pilot
      80 Prison Break icons 2.14 John Doe
      70 Stock icons {
food and fashion}
500x275 pixels
      10 Downton Abbey banners
      05 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 banners



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The End of My Childhood
William Fichtner1
Last Sunday, July 17 2011, is my 18th birthday. And I chose to celebrate it by watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 at the IMAX theater Mall of Asia rather than to throw a huge social party.

Playing Badminton
Disney- Belle
Yesterday, we went to the Premiere Court and play Badminton. I am not a sporty person myself, but it's required for our PE class. We are excited about this and talked about it days before the event.

Everything went well. I played most of the time, but I think I'm not playing properly and according to the rules. I felt a great and awesome feeling while playing. After that, I met with my friend Ella to the mall, buy a Frappuccino to quench my thirst, had a little chat and went home straight after.

I had fun and it's great. Although right now, my limbs are hurt and I'm still exhausted that I'm not in the mood to go to school and attend classes.

Mega-Icon Post!
Prison Break- Gretchen
Icon Batch #02
35 Disney icons
       [01-10]   Aladin
       [11-20]   Aristocats
       [21-35]   Beauty and the Beast
85 Period Drama icons
       [01-45]   Downton Abbey episode 1
 [46-55]   Becoming Jane
   [56-70]   Marie Antoinette
       [71-85]   The King's Speech
100 TV Shows icons
       [01-75]   Prison Break 2.01 Manhunt
       [56-75]   Alexander Mahone
       [76-100] Sherlock 1.01 A Study in Pink
50 Misc Celebrities icons
       [01-10]   Alan Rickman
       [11-20]   Benedict Cumberbatch
       [21-25]   Emily Blunt
       [26-30]   Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
       [31-35]   Keira Knightley
       [36-45]   Sarah Wayne Callies
       [45-50]   Wentworth Miller
35 Stock icons
       [01-25]   Cats :3
       [25-35]   Union Jack


       100   100   100

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HTML Project
Downton Abbey- Anna&Bates
What I've been doing these past few days is the HTML school project. I've been trying to make it more perfect because the first one I did was a complete failure. This HTML file should be a page ~about yourself~ so I think what I did this time is right.
Take a look at the *Welcome Page*.
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*Most of the images, (.gifs and the tea pattern background) is definitely not mine. I just did the positioning and the layout. :)

Icon Dumpage!
Stock- Lions
Icon Batch #01

30 Disney icons
       [01-10]   Brother Bear
       [11-25]   Tangled
       [26-30]   Mulan
50 Period Drama icons
       [01-20]   Downton Abbey episode 1
 [21-25]   The Phantom of the Opera
   [26-30]   The Duchess
       [31-45]   The Young Victoria
       [46-50]   Elizabeth: The Golden Age
25 Misc Celebrities icons
       [01-10]   William Fichtner
       [11-13]   Ben Barnes
       [14-17]   Evangeline Lilly
       [18-20]   Ewan McGregor
       [20-25]   Romola Garai

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